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Sierra Leone

Focusing on initiatives creating a better future for the people of Sierra Leone, their culture and the natural environment.


New initiative: Smarter Hospitals
28 January 2024
The Smarter Hospital Foundation looks to 1) improve care for hospitals in Sierra Leone with doctors, medicines, medical equipment, infrastructure, training, knowledge and IT. 2) Improve primary education in Sierra Leone by improving infrastructure and teaching methods and 3) improve childcare in Sierra Leone with a focus on Ebola orphans.


Sierra Leone – Good Initiatives focuses on the initiatives of passionate people, in or outside of the country, to create a better future for the people, their culture and the natural environment of Sierra Leone.

More information on the definition of initiatives, the philosophy and the people behind the website and how the website came to be can be found in the About section.


This initiative was created with Sierra Leone and its people in mind. But one person stands out in particular.